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IS Closed, for now…



Can I still stay at DaBlend Hostel?

The short answer is; “no :(“. The full answer is that because of the COVID-19 pandemic, in order to respect Vietnamese authorities amazing efforts and to protect our team, our guests and our neighbors, we have decided to close since 19th of March 2020. DaBlend Hostel owner, Nico, made a video about being able to host travelers who were “homeless” in Saigon. But we had to stop doing this since 28th of March 2020. This is now against the law. So, DaBlend Hostel is now closed entirely, until next time.

Where to stay if DaBlend is closed?

As information are changing every day at the moment, we cannot be sure about what to recommend the few of travelers who are still in Vietnam. Our most important recommendation would be to CONTACT FIRST the place, before even making a booking. Some places, even DaBlend Hostel, may not be able to control ALL its social medias and publications. This means that we may be “bookable” but can’t accommodate you. Please bear with all the hostels/homestays as we are currently dealing with a lot of things.
Unfortunately, DaBlend Hostel won’t be able to host you anymore.


We have transformed the house as a coliving place, with hot desks and private rooms for our entrepreneur friends.
When will you reopen?

As everything is blur at the moment (April 2020), we cannot guarantee a precise date for our reopening. One thing is sure, because COVID-19 seems like a serious world-concern, we aren’t optimistic about reopening anytime soon. We will obviously let you know about this. The easiest is that you start following our page on social medias; Facebook and Instagram.

Where do I find reliable information in English about COVID-19?

For travelers or exptriates still in Vietnam, it is important to stay updated about what is happening. You have a tourist visa and it soon expires or it will be harder and harder to extend? You need to find a place that still accepts foreigners? You need to stay home but cannot find any flight to fly back, etc.

We all don’t know the outcomes and we must also protect the locals and ourselves. In order to find reliable online information, please keep checking the World Health Organisation, the US embassy, French Embassy, CNN, Vietnam News.

And also, there are a useful Vietnam Legal Group that has been doing pretty amazing updates about this pandemic and the Vietnamese laws. You can raise your case and lawyers and other members in the same situation can answer you. Make sure to use the search function and look for the “pinned” posts before asking an already-answered-question.

How to contact DaBlend Hostel team?

As our operations are closed, we will only accept emails; nicolas(at) and by phone: +84764744780. This phone is also a WhatsApp, Viber and Zalo. We can still help out in case you need a translator, for example. Don’t ask to stay, please, we must respect the local-authorities requests of “not welcoming any new guests” and protect each others.

As we are already looking for “what to do next”, we are still working normally, from home. It’s important you guys understand that we are closed and can’t really help travelers at the moment, but we want to be ready for when we will be able to work again.

Join DaBlend Family!

It’s time to think of what is coming next and what we should do when we reopen. For any suggestions and to keep in touch with our team and help DaBlend Hostel in this situation, please join our Facebook Group called: DABLEND FAMILY:

Link of the group: