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Explore the real Vietnam with us

We are passionate about providing our guests with an authentic, local experience in Ho Chi Minh City. Away from the tourist traps listed on endless guides online, we will take you to undiscovered local spots where you will be able to experience daily life in the city. 

Whether you are staying at DaBlend or just staying in the area, we can organise exciting tours for you during your time in Vietnam.  

The Mekong Delta

If you want to see the real Vietnam, a trip to the Mekong River is a must. With flat fields of rice as far as the eye can see, this area gives you a real insight into our country’s rich culture. Our local guide will give you a glimpse into the daily lives of the locals in this area, take you around the early morning floating markets and on a cruise along the river so you can soak up the stunning landscapes. 


The Cu Chi tunnels

Have you heard about the Củ Chi tunnels? This tour takes you on an underground journey through the immense network of tunnels which were used as hiding spots by the VietCong during the Vietnam War. You will walk through the tunnels, discover what kind of weapons the VietCong used and much more. As one of the most unique experiences in the country, we definitely recommend it!


Mui Ne

This is a day trip that you won’t find anywhere else in the world. Mui Ne is a stunning fishing village on the south coast of Vietnam which has two sets of giant sand dunes. From sliding along the red sand dunes to quad biking on the white dunes to experiencing local daily village life, this is definitely a tour made for adrenaline seekers and true adventurers. 

Can Gio Mangrove Forest

Nature lovers, this is the ultimate place to visit during your time here! Located in the coastal district southeast of Ho Chi Minh City, Can Gio Biosphere Reserve is one of the most important wetlands in Vietnam. Dubbed as ‘the green lungs’ of the city, it’s an incredible area with attractions like Monkey Island, Rung Sac Military Base, the Vam Sat Salt-Marsh Forest Ecological Tourist Center and a crocodile farm. 

Cát Tiên National Park

Cát Tiên National Park near Ho Chi Minh City should definitely be on your ‘must visit’ list. As one of the largest nature reserves in Vietnam, the park is home to a vast array of wildlife as well as some of the best trekking and biking routes in the country. You will also have the opportunity to learn about our country’s culture with a number of local communities, including Chau Ma and Stieng people, residing here.

Vung Tau 

If you want to escape the craziness of the city, why not head out and spend the day at the seaside? Vung Tau is the closest beach destination to the city and is easily accessible via a two-hour bus ride or a one-hour speedboat trip. Think stunning sandy beaches, activities like kite surfing and hiking, and a whole lot of delicious, fresh seafood. 

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